Safe Harbor's mission is to provide a safe place to navigate your healthcare from diagnosis to healing through personalized, holistic Nurse-Patient advocacy. Let us be your guide to better healthcare!


The health care system is a complex business and can be difficult to understand.  We can assist you with navigating this complicated system.  Hiring an RN Patient Advocate provides the assurance that you have someone working for you and/or your loved one personally and privately. It’s as if you have your own personal nurse  by your side through whatever health situation you or your loved one find yourself in!  

Some of our goals working with you include: 

  • Completing an initial comprehensive assessment of your personal situation.
  • Researching and informing you about available treatment options with an emphasis on natural and holistic approaches.
  • Providing you with information to better understand what  you are encountering in the health care world.
  • Creating a personal plan for you to make informed medical decisions.
  • Educating you on how to become your own health advocate.


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Our Team

Julie Caruccio is the founder of Safe Harbor Patient Advocacy, LLC.  She became a Registered Nurse in 1986 with a degree from the University of Vermont. Then received her certificate in RN Patient Advocacy from the University of Arizona College of Nursing in 2018. She has many years experience in Cardiac Care, Long-Term Care, Rehabilitation, Geriatrics and Patient Advocacy. To understand Julie's heart behind her business, click below.


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