Frequently Asked Questions


What is an RN Patient Advocate?

An RN Patient Advocate is a trained Registered Nurse who has earned a certificate in Patient Advocacy through an accredited program. This skilled Nurse stands in the gap for individuals struggling to navigate their health concerns through our current chaotic system in an effort to bring clarity and peace of mind.

What kind of skills does an RN Patient Advocate have?

  • A broad base of clinical knowledge and experience in a variety of healthcare settings
  • A clinical knowledge base regarding the use of Allopathy (Conventional Medicine for acute situations), Integrative and Functional Medicine (for chronic or autoimmune conditions) with an emphasis on a holistic approach to treatment and prevention.
  • An in-depth understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system and the ability to navigate within it.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with your doctors and hospitals/institutions to advocate on your behalf, to ask the questions you don’t know how to ask.

Why should I hire an RN Patient Advocate?

Hiring an RN Patient Advocate provides the assurance that you have someone working for you or your loved one personally and privately. It’s as if you have your own personal nurse to be by your side through whatever health situation you or your loved one find yourself in.

What are the costs associated with hiring an RN Patient Advocate?

Preliminary 30- minute phone consultation- No charge. Discussion of basic information, circumstances, and limited background. Establish preliminary goal of utilizing services.

Initial consultation- $250. A thorough evaluation is conducted to develop a complete picture of your health and current treatment regime. After your initial consultation with Safe Harbor Patient Advocacy, you will know how our approach and strategy will transform your healthcare experience.

Should you decide that Safe Harbor is the place for you to navigate your healthcare situation then 3 things take place:

1) A HIPAA form is signed to release yours or your loved ones’ medical information

2) An Engagement agreement is signed to enable us to form a partnership in working toward better health and wellness

3) A retainer fee of $600 will be collected at that time

Professional fees for continuing services will be charged on an hourly basis.

Health and Wellness Package

True health means treating the whole person.  I specialize in helping clients review ways they can make changes in their lifestyle and eating habits by offering the following:

* Meeting you at the grocery store of your choice to help you shop and stock your kitchen with healthy choices

*Teach you how to create a healthy meal plan

*Discuss supplements to your diet to help boost your immune system or maximize your treatment plan

*Provide education on how food can be used to help heal your body.

These services are offered as a package for $350 over a period of 4 hours or can be assessed on an hourly basis.

Services are not currently covered by insurance