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Hi! My name is Julie Caruccio.  Ten years ago, I cared for my sick mother from a distance. Though I’m a nurse and knew the questions to ask as her health care proxy, I still struggled with how to care for her from four hours away. I kept thinking how great it would be to hire someone with a medical background to check in on her and assess her needs when I couldn’t be there. Had I been able to do so, my mother would’ve been properly cared for and had her health needs met adequately. Instead my mother was misdiagnosed and suffered as a result, eventually leading to her death. 

The thought occurred to me how many people were in my same position…trying to care for a loved one from a distance. My passion for this advocacy business came out of a desire to come alongside of others to offer assistance and help in a time of need.

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Julie Caruccio, RN, iRNPA


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